Welcome To My Wraps!

Have you ever really counted the calories in a slice of pizza or a cheeseburger? Has your medical professional recommended that you avoid fatty food, or perhaps gluten? Or perhaps you are tired of the same ‘old’ thing for lunch or dinner. The solution is simple, visit us at My Wraps, conveniently located at 925 Queen St N, Kincardine On.

We only use the freshest and the finest ingredients in creating your wrap experience. With several offerings meeting the strict dietary standards of the Heart Healthy regime, not to mention an array of gluten free selections. The combinations are endless, the flavours tremendous, no compromises!

Every day brings something new to My Wraps, so whether you have been through our door a hundred times or making your first excursion, you will no doubt find just what it is you’re craving. Challenge our ‘Wrap-ologists’ to create a new taste as you watch, or prepare your old favourite, you’ll soon be wondering why it has been so long since your last visit. Always remember that we are available to cater your next life event, whether it is for work or for your own private gathering, our menu is sure to please, contact a Wrap-alogist at 519-386-9272 to confirm your date.